China not so fond of Xbox One?

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1 year ago#31
VoidBeyond posted...
You've got that tinfoil hat on tight, don't you?

Peter Schaar, Germany's federal commissioner for data protection and freedom of information, is concerned about the privacy implications of the Xbox One, Spiegel reports.

Microsoft announced the console last week, touting the always-on capabilities and the new Kinect's ability to listen and respond to commands even when it appears to be powered down. The new Kinect can also identify users, track heart rate and muscle movement and see in the dark.

"The Xbox [One] registered all sorts of personal information about me," Schaar said (via Bing Translator). "Reaction rates, my learning or emotional states. You are then processed on a remote server and possibly even to third parties. Whether it be deleted ever, the person concerned cannot influence."

But I guess some armchair warrior knows more than German govt. officials, right? Not like it's a new thing, remember when they caught American's wiretapping the German PM's phone and recording calls?
Oh wait, that must be a lie too.
1 year ago#32
Laylow12 posted...
mygoodluckcharm posted...
Miiri0 posted...
One word.


Can confirm. Am asian.

There you go guys. Theory proven.


Wait the Chinese Gov. didn't demand the people buy one? Outrageous. They need to fall in line.
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1 year ago#33
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