So XBOX ONE sales are not exactly brisk, XBROS! :(

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Balzak74 posted...
Excellent. Create another thread to discuss what is already well known.
What's the point.

Ps any one like me find XBROS incrediblely annoying?.out of ponies, xbots, nintenfrones XBROS has got to be the worst

It is annoying. You know what? Lets change it to XBronies, that way it matches with SonyPonies ;)
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This thread is troll free, there is no trolls.
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The Xbone sold fairly well during Christmas (no surprise there) but sadly, sales took a nosedive after the holidays. Titanfall, the removal of Kinect, dropping the paywalls, none of these things could pull Xbone out of dead last. It's a real shame.
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