Should MS kill off xbox?

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Microsoft sold 1.1 million Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles during the quarter, only 100,000 more than the prior year quarter, when only the 360 was available. Meanwhile, both the PS4 and Wii U continue outselling the Xbox One on a weekly basis. That's bad news considering that Microsoft has already lowered the original $499 price of the Xbox One to $399 by ditching the Kinect and scrapped the Xbox Entertainment Division, which was intended to develop original video programming for the Xbox One.

Without Microsoft's Kinect-centered dream of the Xbox One as an entertainment supercomputer, the console is nothing but a shadow of the PS4, with the same third-party games and a handful of exclusive games. Nadella plans to integrate the Xbox One into "One Windows" -- but gamers generally care more about games than connecting their phones, tablets, and PCs to the Xbox One.

The Xbox division reportedly loses around $2 billion per year, suffers from a lack of long-term vision, and is crippled by Microsoft's attempts to connect it to the Windows ecosystem. Therefore, spinning off the Xbox into its own company, which Bill Gates supports
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Yes. It's sad watching the brand erode from the current management decisions.

Yusef "KINECT is an advertisers dream" Medhi and Phil "TV TV TV" at the reveal to suddenly "GAMES GAMES GAMES" Spencer need to be broomed like the rest were because they're still original members who made the brand into a TV monitoring system.

Best thing that could happen is they sell the brand to a company with a competent management team. Amazon comes to mind, Google wants to be in gaming as well.

The 1.1 million consoles they sold for the quarter included 360 numbers in it. That's a colossal failure considering the price drop and evidence of them trying to coverup sales figures on the XBOX ONE yet again. They simply can't be trusted and since they're winding down operations; its clear where this is heading.

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Just an article not my opinion guys calm the Hell down no one is trying to hurt your feelings
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It's just an article. How is posting factual article equal trolling? Don't worry TC. The fanboys here cannot stand any negative articles. They would rather keep their heads in the sand. If it were up to them, it would be a censored utopia where they circle jerk each other in every topic.
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Crystyn_7B posted...
It's hilarious when the only one that responds to the topic is another troll

So you just called yourself a troll....