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so guys, thanks in advance for the help, but I've been having problems with my xbox one. I play a lot of UFC on Xbox one I have a headset and I updated my controller with the headset adapter so on and so forth..

Sense the update...nightmares...i had minor issues with the controller turning on and off rapidly.."press a to reconnect", doesn't usually turn all the way off..just discos and reconnects wen i press a almost immeaditly. Once i did the controller update 4 my headset, the problem became unbearable...playing ufc, the controller would disconnect and reconnect 5-10 times a fight sometimes, and freeze my console, weather i had the headset on or not. im a tech with a network degree..i build computers...fix em, etc...so im a good trouble shooter...i gave the controller to a friend to use on his system, no issue, i use my new in the box backup, not updated controller...pretty smooth, but still had system freeze and occassional disconnect of controller.

This told me it was likely my console, and i choose to let microsoft put a 400+ dollar hold on my account, and swap the unit, under warranty, advanced exchange. I get my controller back..sync it up...all of a sudden i play for an hour with no issue, and i cannot cancel my request at this point..stupid policy, i made the request a few hours ago.

SO...THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION FOR THOSE WHO WERE KIND ENOUGH TO READ THAT NOVEL (I have something to offer for the guy who really cares and likes helping people the way i do)


advice, experience doing and exchange..anything would be helpful..
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Have not encountered this issue, I did the controller update for a pair of Turtle Beach XO Fours then for a pair of the MS Stereo Headset. The update was to the same controller; but have not experienced anything to the extent to which you have.

Have you tried shutting the console down, then unplugging it for about 10 minutes for it to reset? That may fix the issue your dealing with. Sorry it's not much but hopefully it's something.
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Hard reset and reupdate the controller.
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Never had that problem or any problem with my xbox one knock on wood
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It's interference from other electrical devices in your home, the X1 controllers operates at a similar frequency to many things.


The list is pretty much endless, all you can do is try to position yourself away from other devices the best you can
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DojoMax posted...

You people are insane.
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PoweredMilkMan posted...
Hard reset and reupdate the controller.

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i think i may know what this is.

the controller is acting the exact same way as mine.....when i inadvertently press the button at the top of the controller that connects controller to console.
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you have trouble(shot/shooted?)
Good luck
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