I've never played any Halo. How is it different than any other shooter?

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You have to be into sci-fi. I don't mind FPS but I don't like sci-fi to much and couldn't get into it. Heck I tried destiny, it's purty an all but was kinda boring to me. Something about killing creatures isn't as intense as humans to me I guess.
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Halo is the OG of shooters. Nothing tops it and never will.

That's a funny way to spell DOOM

Didnt wolfenstein come before doom? Though I suppose it was doom that started the fps craze in general.
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I've never liked it all that much because the conevant were to silly and dumb. It ruined the game for me. I like the forerunners better
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It isn't any different now, but its the game which really brought shooters from the PC and onto consoles. Also instead of being WW2, or some other "realistic" shooter, they went down the sci-fi path. Halo 2 is the one that really introduced online multiplayer, while 3 took it farther thanks to next gen. Back during them days it was doing something different, and it was doing what other games hadn't yet tried.

As for now... Yep, not much different. The Xbox 360 released, Halo 3 came out, and Xbox became shooter box with non stop "clones." Basically everyone wanted in on the action. Then, as time went on, even the big name PC shooters made the jump to consoles. While they were more limiting (Call of Duty, and Battlefield for example), people still played them.

So yeah, basically, Halo came out, then the interest in shooters exploded. Basically the same way platformers exploded on the NES when Super Mario Bros came out, or how fighting games really took off when Street Fighter 2 introduced combos thanks to a glitch.
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ILikesCheese posted...
How is "Halo" any different from the other shooters?

It isn't.

At least, not NOW. Back in 2001 when most of you were probably in pre-school it was a different story. :)

It was average at best back when it launched, but you were probably too young to realize that.
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ThatLaoGuy posted...
Good for its time but not worth it nowadays. If you enjoy cod or bf, you wouldn't play halo.

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It's different than other shooters because it's Halo. Just like CoD is not the same as BF and none of those are the same as Gears(yes I'm listing a TPS here). It has it's own mechanics, own unique story and elements.. and it's up to you to decide if it's for you.
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its not much different from any other FPS

it just has a lot more fanboys.
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Halo has never been more than "just another shooter". While they are well made, and fun, they have never really done anything other shooters haven't also done. That was my first reaction to the first halo. "Well, that's cool I guess.. nothing I haven't seen before though". The only reason Halo got the attention that it did was it was one of the first times that a high quality, pc shooter was available on a console. FPS games on consoles before halo were... not great.
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Biggest difference: you don't die in 0.1 seconds from every weapon in the game.