Kind of sucks there are no good games to play till fall

#31kennyynnooPosted 7/28/2014 5:39:00 AM
Forza Horizon 2 will release a demo by September, probably the press demo of 1 race 4 car choices.
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Get The Last of Us


There is no summer drought
You are just one the wrong platform - All of them got something
Get a WiiU and play Mario Kart...Get a PS4 and play The Last of Us...Get PC and play Diablo and gear up for 2.1 or play some MOBA.Don't get Diablo on X1..Just 900p and doesn't have anything special like the PS4 1080p 60fps version with its Last of Us monsters.Though without upcoming patch 2.1 the console version will be useless and boring.
Own fault to pick a console that relies on Halo every year and has nothing going for it outside of it.
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YomonachiX posted...
The Last of Us Remastered?

I just played The Last of Us recently. Great game, but i played it to recently to enjoy it again sadly.
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wskingws posted...
spacejamjordanz posted...
Diablo 3, Metro Redux, and Madden next month for me to choose from. I'll be okay. Until them I'm going back to Dead Rising 3 and FFXIV.

Minecraft is coming out sometime next month too.

...And there goes my time for the rest of the year!
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