Kinect is terrible

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2 years ago#1
Playing fitness it rated everything with a red bar when I was clearly visible on the window. It have a red bar for a quad stretch that's how I know something is wrong
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2 years ago#2
Have you run the Kinect setup wizard since the last update?
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2 years ago#4
My kinect works flawless on fitness
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2 years ago#5
Try walking in circles and moving your arms like you're power walking. Or get a tennis racket with a coat on it and spin it around.

In other words, I have nothing better to do than to figure out ways of breaking a fitness game.
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2 years ago#6
Are you sure you don't just suck at quad stretches?

It's either that or even the Kinect skips leg day.
2 years ago#7
Yes calibrate it. Bc that thing works flawlessly and I've never heard of very many people having much issues at ask with it.
2 years ago#8
I haven't hooked up my Kinect v.2 yet due to the living situation, but when I had my 360's Kinect on deck that thing was really fun! Surely, the upgraded v.2 has to kick ass!? I'm just yearning to get it connected soon and pop in my Kinect Sports Rivals!!!
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2 years ago#9
I had the opposite experience. It seemed I got to pass no matter what I did and I don't know anything about fitness.
2 years ago#10
In other news: water is wet.
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