Does Destiny play a lot like the Borderlands games?

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2 years ago#11
Think if it like this

Borderlands is like diablo
Destiny is like wow
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2 years ago#12
Yes and No
2 years ago#13
uniquebadger posted...
Yes and No

It's a dichotomy.
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2 years ago#14
I really liked borderlands. The loot and boss battles were awesome. These were actual boss battles too. You fought giant monsters and stuff.
2 years ago#15
I think my only appeal for this game are the sci-fi 'planetary' environments. However, I do not know if that will be enough to warrant my interest in this game. I guess I will just have to wait for reviews and more gameplay videos. Honestly though, the game hasn't looked all that appealing to me since it was first debuted E3 2013. Usually I can tell whether a game looks interesting to me by watching a few videos via youtube. I guess not. =/
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2 years ago#16
Loot feels like a generic version of borderlands
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2 years ago#17
Not really. There are some core differences.

1) You DO NOT SHARE LOOT. There is no trading, and everything that drops is only visible to you. You may get an engram (a blueprint) and your friend will never see it.

2) Borderlands has coop, or it doesnt. You either invite people to your game (or join others) or you go at it alone. Destiny has areas that are essentially public, and other people are always there, playing, killing etc. When you do missions, you pass through these areas a lot, sometimes stopping to do public events (killing tough enemies around the map, or doing other tasks that require cooperation with the complete strangers that are also running about the server) but once you get to a certain critical area of the mission, those people disappear and you are left to fight the boss with your fireteam members if you have any. These transitions are seamless, which I think is revolutionary for these types of games.

3) Borderlands focuses on guns, while Destiny has much more RPG elements. You equip armor pieces, which have the same variety of rarity as your guns. You do have three skill trees, which you can max out but use only one of the trees at a time (called subclasses) Your armor also grants you bonuses to Intelligence, Strength, and some other stats. These determine how quickly your special melee (Right bumper), grenades (Left bumper) and Special attack (RB + LB) recharge. There is also a defense stat.

Although there are similarities, the game play is quite different. You have to really play it to understand what I mean. Although you can say "Oh both games have three skill trees" its the equivalent of saying "You can jump in both games" There really is something unique about it, and you have to experience it yourself to understand it. The gunplay is closer to Halo than it is to borderlands imo. I wouldnt suggest you buy it without trying it, but the beta was a really good indication of what we can expect. I suggest you find a way to try the game out before buying it, because when I initially saw it I thought it was quite boring, but playing it really made want to pre order it.
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2 years ago#18
Its like a rich mans borderlands, for grown ups without the cartoon graphics and actual good solid shooting mechanics.
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