EA Announces Subscription Service on Xbox One: EA Access

#141imjustdatnicePosted 7/29/2014 7:58:35 PM
Guess those $4.99 demos on the Xbox live marketplace awhile back were evident of this.
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#142Cloudslayer2007Posted 7/29/2014 8:11:31 PM
If no one wants thier code I'll gladly take it :)
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#143RS_YELARAKAPosted 7/29/2014 10:59:04 PM
Too bad i already have fifa14 and bf4, and i already played the heck out of madden25. Also have madden15 pre ordered.

Wish it was access to old games from xbox like James Bond and such. Now thqt id pay $30 for.
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#144RS_YELARAKAPosted 7/29/2014 11:05:13 PM
Now listen up, heres the crazy part... all these tears in this thread. Guess what, you dont have to buy it if you dont want it. Its an option.


omg mind blown right?

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#145InjusticeRebornPosted 7/30/2014 12:02:19 AM
Meh, I'd dip in the $4.99 (or the UK equivalent) just to see how bad BF4 is around the time Dragon Age: Inquisition was just around the corner, if it was available on the PS4.

Some people are still saying BF4 is a mess. Why not pay the 2.99 or whatever to see for myself for a month, instead of paying 20 for the game? And if I time it right, I get a week to try out DA:I. Can't see nothing wrong with that.

Alas, I'll have the PS4.
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#146Optimus_ConvoyPosted 7/30/2014 12:05:14 AM
I got a message from XBL earlier giving me a code for access to try out this service, I entered the code and it said it was invalid >.<
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#147TBONE_OG(Topic Creator)Posted 7/30/2014 12:19:14 AM
Downloaded the app. It's actually quite nice.

You can tell they are only going to add games to the vault since they have "change filter" and "sort alphabetically" options.

I didn't pay yet, not sure I want/need to at this time.
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#148leelee3105Posted 7/30/2014 1:06:36 AM
hey optimus_convoy write down the code and then enter it manually. it should work then
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#149FenriswolfPosted 7/30/2014 1:31:18 AM
Another nail in PS4's coffin
#150xXVongolaRebornPosted 7/30/2014 2:48:29 AM
Fenriswolf posted...
Another nail in PS4's coffin

Sony told EA to kick rocks. They didn't want it.

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