Don't Worry, XBROS! Kinect-less XBOX ONE Will Help Microsoft Regain Lost Ground!

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Ever since the E3 2013 debacle, Microsoft have been listening to consumers and have been making drastic changes in their policies. Perhaps the most drastic measure they have taken to combat the rocketing PlayStation 4 sales was the introduction of a Kinect-less SKU at $399.

Speaking to Kenny Lee, co-founder of Cell Door Games, GamingBolt asked about his thoughts on Microsoft’s latest Xbox One SKU and whether it will help regain some of the good will that Microsoft have lost since the launch of their console.

“Honestly, I thought having a Kinect included in the Xbox One was a great idea. Not so much the always-on, creepy privacy invasion though. As a developer, it’s fantastic to work on hardware that you know everybody has. And the Kinect is an incredible piece of technology. But now that the market is fragmented, it’s harder to justify investing in this tech. So when I heard the news it sadden me a bit, although to be fair I don’t think developers were jumping on it as readily as Microsoft had anticipated,” he said.

“To answer the question, yes I do believe it will help regain lost ground with consumers, which in turn strengthens developer confidence in the platform. The biggest problem is the Kinect came out of the gate with a bad rep. It was always watching you, there were rumours of companies exploiting the tech, and it made the Xbox One cost more than the PS4. Getting rid of that solves a lot of problems,” Kenny said to GamingBolt.

Cell Door Games are currently working on Rogue Legacy for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Stay tuned for more coverage.
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Lost ground? So, it was MS that created those big holes in Siberia!
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If they would have ditched the Kinect from the beginning they would be much better off right now.
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How is posting a quote URL followed by the citation itself NOT a violation of terms and conditions?

That's spambotting at the very least.
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