what will next years Call of Duty be?

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2 years ago#31
It will simply be called call of duty. As in a reboot.
2 years ago#32
$Call for Money : Recycled Warfare$
hey foo
hey foo
2 years ago#33
Call of duty: DLC
Call of duty: Call harder
Call of duty: Milk her till she bleeds
Call of duty: Marijuana is cool
Call of duty: kids, racists and homophobes
Call of duty: K:D is EVERYTHING!!!!
Call of duty: super duper deluxe mega alpha omega + ex
Call of duty: World War III
Call of duty: super fun time happy force
Call of duty: zombies ate my grandma
Call of duty: shameless celebrity plug V2
Call of duty: Jersey shore
Call of duty: made in Chelsea
Call of duty: Americas got talent
Call of duty: to infinity and beyond!
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2 years ago#34
Probably Ghosts 2, but if we are talking about the next Call of Duty to be based around a new theme or storyline you could pretty safely bet your left testicle that it would be SWAT themed.
2 years ago#35
Butthole of doody stankbutt warfare 7
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2 years ago#36
Call of Duty: Alien Warfare
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2 years ago#37
Call of Duty Vietnam, featuring 16v16, no hud, no perks, no fancy gun cameos, no fake sounding guns and brutality.
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2 years ago#38
I would only purchase another Call of Duty game if it took place during World War II, Korean War, or Vietnam War.
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