Want an invite to the Preview program?

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User Info: durnago

2 years ago#111
thanks ahero from godly
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User Info: daledo6

2 years ago#112
If you make it this far down:


Thanks in advance!
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User Info: Stabs2503

2 years ago#113
Would love an invite. GT is xl Stabs lx

I'll be working during the day but I'll keep track of this and log into Smartglass to accept. Thanks a bunch
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User Info: ThundurDan

2 years ago#114
Gt: thundur Dan

User Info: DranoelDarnoc

2 years ago#115
If anyone could invite me, it'd be appreciated

GT = Dranoel Darnoc


User Info: redroom82

2 years ago#116
Gamertag: redroom82

Always nice to receive an invite :)

User Info: Nickonomics

2 years ago#117
Nickology V3

Thanks if you can.
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User Info: streamjumper

2 years ago#118
Gamertag is Streamjumper.

And thanks for doing this.
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User Info: bennyblanco1124

2 years ago#119

User Info: aheroafake

2 years ago#120
Sniper4hire8209 posted...
aheroafake posted...
Sent you all invites.

Never got mine. Is it supposed to be somewhere specific?

WhiteAngel50 posted...
WhiteAngel50 posted...
I never got mine either. It's Whiteangel50

Please tc I would appreciate if you did
Xbox GT: Whiteangel50

Actually I just added you tc so I guess I just get the code?

Read my first post in this topic. I really should've posted that when I made the topic. So I apologize for the confusion.
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