Looking for suggestions on a new GT

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I've had my original GT for 11 years and i'm looking to change it because I'm not really into basketball like I used to be. I want it to be Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones related. Not just like a character name or something. Something a little more creative than that. Thanks for the help.
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I've no idea man.
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redditon4chan posted...

I've no idea man.


Don't know about TC, but I like it.
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John Snow smells poopmist
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Game of Thrones related? That I can do...

Ok, most of these are probably taken but try them because you may be surprised. I recently grabbed MDJohnZoidberg so... Take a shot on any you're curious about.

You could do your first name followed by Snow which would imply you're an orphan from the north.

Iron Born

Red Wedding

I Know Nothing

You Know Nothing

You Know Nuthin

Winter is Coming

Where is Winter

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RedFive3 posted...
John Snow smells poopmist

Poopmist Stark
Poopmist Snow
Poop and Mist
I Am The One Who Poopmists
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Blue Winter Mist
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