Watch Dogs or Titanfall

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2 years ago#11
Even though I haven't played in awhile, titanfall. Much more fun imo. Got bored with watchdogs after beating it.
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2 years ago#12
Two very different games. If you don't have friends that play titanfall idk if it'd be worth it for you.
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2 years ago#13
titanfall is current best online shooter on any console i have played it alot and im generation 9

watchdogs i played for 40 minutes and again for 30 minutes then never again

all in all if someone is complaining about titanfall its because they dont like online only or they are sony ponys in reality its an excellent game
2 years ago#14
As a person who owns both i would say get watch dogs. Titanfall is good but it got old after a week. I did everything on watch dogs and enjoyed it.
2 years ago#15
20 lattes
2 years ago#16
Titanfall by a landslide. I love adventure/open world games and I HATED Watch Dogs.

Titanfall is the best shooter I've played in years.
2 years ago#17
por que no las dos?

*marriachi music begins playing*
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2 years ago#18
Honestly I would go with PVZ:GW I got it last week and cannot believe how good it is
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