Anyone think we'll get ANY game today?

#1_MrENigma_Posted 7/30/2014 10:58:13 PM
So... Pinball FX2 has been delayed (Old news, I know) until some time next month so they can have more time to implement the table transfers that you might own from the Xbox 360 version to the Xbox One version. And I'm cool with that. I already have a bunch of tables which I'd rather not pay for a second time.

But... will we have another day without a new title? (I love "Arcade" games so I always want more). Will they replace Pinball FX2 with something else? Perhaps we were already going to get more than one game today? Who knows?

What do you think? Does anyone know if there are any titles coming out around this time that could be pushed forward? Minecraft would make for an AWESOME choice. After all it IS scheduled to release some time in August.
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