Do you want to see the original Turok games come to XBLA? Contact Classic Media.

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I even enjoyed the 360 remake game, great series. Im really hoping for some good dino games, would love to see a fps jurrasic park game to tie in with the new movie next year!
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Gunvalkyrie2 posted...
Wouldnt they look terrible just "ported" w/o having the perfect dark style remastering?

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Gunvalkyrie2 posted...
Gunvalkyrie2 posted...
Wouldnt they look terrible just "ported" w/o having the perfect dark style remastering?

As far as graphics go, they looked like early-gen PS2 titles. So that was pretty damn good for the N64. The only downsides were the draw-distance in 1 and the terrible framerate in 2. Haven't played the others (except for the terribad 2008 reboot).
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Bump of justice.
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AceAndJunpei posted...
uniquebadger posted...
Turok 1 was so amazing. Turok 2 was a little Meh.

I thought Turok 2 was the best! Cerebral Bore and 4 MB expansion pack for the win!

3 was terrible though, and 1 was pretty good.

2 was the one with the cerbral bore? Wow i had them mixed up then. Let me rephrase what i said, 2 was great, 3 was sucky.

3 had the aliens and monsters, and the funniest moment of any game I've ever played.
Basically a walked around a corner and saw a conga line of enemies with pistols. The following events took place.

The guy at the back fired and head shotted the guy in front of him, blowing his face clean off.

BUT, not before that guy fired at me, hitting the guy in front of him and blowing his face clean off.

But WAIT!!! The guy that just got killed managed to get off a shot before his face was taken off, and, you guessed it, blew the face clean off if the guy in front of him.

There were about six or seven enemies on screen, and each and everyone of them decapitated the dude in from of them. By the end if it there was just one rather embarrassed looking grunt left, standing right at the back of the pack.

Laughter ensued.
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Here are the email addresses to the other departments-
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Apparently the PC version of the 2008 Turok game was never given a digital release and the North American physical copy is tough to find.
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Maybe the Resident Evil audience will crossover with the Turok audience...
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I fixed Turok 2's controls!

A should be jump
B should be duck
Down on D-pad should be map

Left control stick is move and strafe
Right control stick is look

Left and Right bumpers are change weapon
Right trigger is shoot
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I emailed them! I can sleep at night, have you emailed them yet? Do it!