Is the Xbox One's controller a step back from the Xbox 360's?

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I think so. I don't like how it got downsized from the 360's pad. It feels too light, and floaty. The oly thing I do like about the One pad is how the bugling battery pack is gone. The 360 pad was about as good as it got when it comes to controllers, and this is coming from someone who primarily plays Playstation.

It's honestly quite amazing how much of a step up the 360 pad is from the OG Xbox controller. No more black white buttons, actual concave sticks, introduction of bumpers, and sphere buttons.
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The Xbox One controller is my favourite controller of all time.

I'd probably rank them Xbox One > Dualshock 4 > Xbox 360 > Xbox S > Dualshock 2 > Dualshock 3 > Sixaxis > Big Xbox Controller > Dualshock 1 > PSone Digital > Gamecube > All pre-PS1 controllers > Horrible madcatz knockoffs > Wiimote
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GameCube is too far down on that list lol
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Nah, I went back to the 360 the other day to play some Blops 2 and I realised how much better the One's controller is. The analogs are so much smoother, smaller deadzone, much more grippy and the bumpers are a lot more repsonsive and stronger.
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Aesthetically I think the 360 controller looks more proportioned, but obviously the one controller has all superior components. The dpad is a massive step as the dpad on the 360 controller sucked. And all around the one controller just has better parts
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