Microsoft Issues Xbox Live Service Alert

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2 years ago#71
BlakBillMitchel posted...
Rafficus_III posted...
BlakBillMitchel posted...
Rafficus_III posted...
Bryant187 posted...
It's like the Sony Trolls forgot about the great PSN Downage of 2011. Those were horrible times, just got Mortal Kombat and a few other games and wasn't able to play them online for about a month.

Don't forget Skyrim.

What about Skyrim

It was virtually unplayable on the PS3 and Idk if they ever did get their DLC; if they did it was with the GOTY edition months down the road of their last DLC.

What does that have to do with xbox live or psn being down?

You're right, my bad.
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2 years ago#72
Xbone is ok and all but Its time we admit Ps4 have better hardware

Better games

Better sales,
9 million babeh!

Now............Better online!
2 years ago#73
Drm in disguise
2 years ago#74
Is Live still down?
2 years ago#75
I have had know issues today or yesterday. Sucks for people that have had issues. :(
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2 years ago#76
SupaflyGibson posted...
Flare1721 posted...
Live seems to be down all the time.

Yep the psn account in your sig would really give you insight right?

Guess when your being sarcastic it upsets a few fairies. It was a joke towards the DB's that come to the PS4 board and say PSN is down all the time when they dont even own a PS4.
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2 years ago#77
psykojuggalo98 posted...
Is Live still down?

Live is so unstable
2 years ago#78
Been watching Twitch streams all day on Live and no disconnection or problems. Still watching Twitch and its 4 a.m.
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