here are the list all EA games for XB1.

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Am I the only one looking forward to need for spread?

I own part 7 on DVD. Not a bad movie.

Anybody see the Nutella edition blu ray?

Either he doesn't get it at all or he just tried taking it to another level
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Ok that link has BF4 and TF. So what we need is a list of all the games that will be offered with the service, not a list of current xbox one games. Is it strictly EA? What about bioware games?

anything that ea publishes. You can get discounts early access etc. I say Dragon Age will be in the vault fall next year when mass effect releases
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I'm no EA fan, there practices are appalling and I hate what they've done to many great series but $5 for a month's access to peggle 2, bf4 and another 2 games is pretty damn good imo and that list will continue to grow

Of course it's EA so chances are they will do something stupid, greedy but currently there's not much to complain about, since its a good deal but guess what, if you don't think it's a good deal that's fine

You know why? Because it's frickin optional
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Bump or wait... BAMP!
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I thought BF4 was one of the limited time rentals? Not like I'd want to play that broken game again, just trying to clarify.

The game isn't broken.
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