Better to get an xbox with kinect or without?

#11brownmysterPosted 8/1/2014 1:38:15 PM
with kinect
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#12SigmaLongshotPosted 8/1/2014 2:05:31 PM
If you have the option, get a Kinect for the full experience.

One of the qualifiers for me is, "If you've had it, and removed it completely, would you miss it?" and the answer is a resounding "DEFINITELY".

I personally watch all manner of nonsense on Netflix and Amazon Instant, and whilst doing the dishes I love to shout at my console to watch specific episodes of Rocko's Modern Life. With Kinect that's a thing. I can't explain the flexibility of it, but having experienced it, removing it is really like removing one of the major elements of it.
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#13EdHarrisPosted 8/1/2014 2:22:01 PM
With. Show Microsoft that you are one of the few of us that understood their initial vision.
#14KillErSeveNDan(Topic Creator)Posted 8/1/2014 3:36:32 PM
Thanks guys, getting it with kinect then!