Capcom Financials Reveal Steady Profit, Despite No Big Titles

#1Dev445Posted 8/1/2014 9:15:20 PM

You Capcom haters out there. IN YO FACE!
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#2Sith JediPosted 8/1/2014 9:20:56 PM
Because they have a habit of releasing the same game 5 times.
#3aj4x94Posted 8/1/2014 9:28:01 PM
Sith Jedi posted...
Because they have a habit of releasing the same game 5 times.

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#4Mogga123_5Posted 8/1/2014 9:31:47 PM
Just wait til they release a new resident evil and it bombs.
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#5Orange_ApplesPosted 8/1/2014 9:38:17 PM
So Capcom stops making games and they're profitable? I kinda want to see this become a trend for games industry...
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#6HiddenRoarPosted 8/1/2014 9:41:20 PM

Monster Hunter Frontier G5 was released last-last week in Japan.
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Go mega man!!!
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#8pnut3844Posted 8/1/2014 9:50:08 PM
Capcom has made some of the most iconic games there is, and I'm currently enjoying dr3. I'll enjoy it even more so when I get the dlc.
#9Spider5800Posted 8/1/2014 9:57:02 PM
Didn't they release a new version of Street Fighter 4 this year? And they did it right before Evo, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, to hype it up? Is that not considered a major release?

I mean, I know it could be downloaded as an add on, but they were also just releasing the same game with characters ripped from SFvT and some balance changes, so it really couldn't have been THAT costly. That thing was almost pure profit.

Factor in costume DLC for the new characters that completionists HAD to buy, and I'm sure that helped their financials considerably.
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#10duces9killaPosted 8/1/2014 10:11:41 PM
Dead rising three was a awful game but that's just my opinion so deal with it