What game turned you into a gamer?

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User Info: zephirraines

2 years ago#11
Jedi454 posted...
Super Mario Bros NES


User Info: Gothmogz

2 years ago#12
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User Info: SenorQueso13

2 years ago#13
A handheld Pac man.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

2 years ago#14
Dragonfire, Demon Attack, Adventure and Riddle of the Sphinx for the Atari 2600. Those four more than anything else on the Atari were not just games I enjoyed and obsessed over, but games that made me imagine and dream about what games could one day become. I imagined sometimes avoiding enemies rather than fighting them, I imagined vast landscapes and epic adventures to explore, I imagined what demons and dragons and the like could look like as power increased and fidelity rose.

I'm still unsure if I would be wowed if I saw games today back then, or if I'd be disappointed. Once Myst and the FMV fad started, I was pretty much ready for all games to look as good as movies and TV, which tbh they still don't despite the amazing things achieved. I don't know that as a kid I would appreciate the difference between canned animation and polygonal 3D with complex physics. Even now, I know stuff like LA Noire is very canned with the facial animations and I still loved it and feel a pang of disappointment at hand-animated expressions that took more effort and are more flexible, but less realistic.
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User Info: BERZERKER17

2 years ago#15
R.I.P TimeSplitters 4, R.I.P FreeRadical, 21st December 2008.
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User Info: mushlikeahusky2

2 years ago#16
I always played games growing up. Jak and Daxter, Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Battle for Bikini Bottom, but I didn't get addicted to gaming and games until I played Skyrim. Before that I would only get 1 or 2 games a year but now I get at least 15-20 games a year not counting digital downloads. Skyrim really lit a fire for my gaming and opened me up to other games like Fallout 3.

User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

2 years ago#17
Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis
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User Info: Big Fan

Big Fan
2 years ago#18
Thr first Mortal Kombat in the arcade. Had played games before that, but more as something to do for a few minutes
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User Info: SexySextrain

2 years ago#19
Spyro the dragon
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User Info: kennyynnoo

2 years ago#20
Tecmo bowl.
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