What game turned you into a gamer?

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User Info: jaxjags32

2 years ago#81
Either madden 96 or pokemon red
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User Info: TK-Tone

2 years ago#82
Either Super Mario Allstars (hard to pick just one game from there...) or FFVI.
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User Info: falkedup

2 years ago#83
The legend of Zelda. Haven't bothered to beat it though

User Info: james259

2 years ago#84
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User Info: Marndos

2 years ago#85
Jedi454 posted...
Super Mario Bros NES
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User Info: SuperVegito2487

2 years ago#86
These 2 games are the earliest i can remember playing...

ok one of them isnt the first one but it was the first one i truly enjoyed (thats what happens when you buy a console used with games, and you dont truly like any of them for some reason)

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User Info: renzsweet

2 years ago#87
Zelda and Gyromite.
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User Info: BiggyDX

2 years ago#88
Sonic the Hedgehog or Streets of Rage 2. I was pretty young at the time, so I can't remember which of the two it was. I do know it was one of these.
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User Info: HomieKnockout

2 years ago#89
Reel_Big_Mike posted...
Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis

I liek turdles
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User Info: TropicalAngel2

2 years ago#90
matrix_tediz posted...
Super Mario World
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