Your first Xbox "Whoa" moment - LET'S SHARE 'EM!

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User Info: Goregasm17

2 years ago#21
My first "Whoa" moment would have to be playing Halo: CE with my friend and I threw a grenade through the warthog, from the passenger side 'window' and out of the drivers side 'window'. I was so amazed that the grenade didn't actually bounce off the invisible block model.

Yeah, that's how long I had played games that were graphically limited. I would 'test' all new games in that nature and it wowed me to this day I remember looking over at my friend and he looking at me in complete awe.

User Info: MurryEB_Alt1

2 years ago#22
When I first started up my Xbox Christmas of 01 when I was 9, the boot sequence, woah......
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User Info: dueric

2 years ago#23
Powering my 360 on and off with a first party wireless controller.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

2 years ago#24
I said whoa the moment I saw the start up animation for OG Xbox. Then I played PGR. Xbox was my preferred console from that day forward. Shame they didn't make digital BC (at the very least) a priority with Xbone, they'd still have me completely if not for that one decision.

User Info: MilesAC

2 years ago#25
Forza. At the time, Gran Turismo had me loyal to Sony systems. Then Forza just kidnapped me and never returned me. Then I got Halo 2 that Christmas. I stayed awake online for at least 18 hours playing MP. Till this day. The only 2 games I make a case to own on Xbox. Forza and Halo.
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User Info: chedibang1994

2 years ago#26
JETSET RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Info: Reichmaster01

2 years ago#27
Seeing the water in Morrowind on the Xbox for the first time.
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