Is there any way to not have external hd on when in standby?

#1kinglegPosted 8/2/2014 11:15:16 AM
...besides obviously unplugging it. I looked in settings but can't find a way to turn it off in standbye.
I have the wd 1tb touro. Will it significantly shorten the had life if it's on all the time?
#2kingleg(Topic Creator)Posted 8/2/2014 11:22:33 AM
Anyone know?
#3kennyynnooPosted 8/2/2014 11:50:29 AM
I wondered this to, I am probably going to just turn instant on off. Other thought is it's not in use beyond being plugged in so isn't it just like a pc HD in standby all the time?
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#4SpikeTheSpaceCoPosted 8/2/2014 12:04:28 PM
There is an option in the Startup settings I believe.
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