What do you want to see in future Xbox One updates?

#1horror_spookyPosted 8/2/2014 12:16:38 PM
Improved party functionality is still at the top of my list, but also I would like it so DLC achievements for games are separated from the core achievements of the game. That's just a minor nitpick though.
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#2MurryEB_Alt1Posted 8/2/2014 12:50:57 PM
Be really nice if I could use any external storage and not just 260something+GB forms of storage. I'd like to be able to download a game to my flash drive and take it over my friends to play, like I can with my 360, instead of having to go to my friends and wait for it to download on his One.
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#3PoloMan6Posted 8/2/2014 2:09:14 PM
Only thing I care about for both XBO & PS4 is DLNA.
#4TOhasNoRingPosted 8/2/2014 2:10:16 PM
Pre loading is pretty much all I really want at this point.
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#5CyberEvilPosted 8/2/2014 2:31:34 PM
Downloads continuing when the console gets shut down. This month's update is giving us something similar but they haven't said if the console will keep downloading things when powered off (in Instant On) if the download is initiated from the console.
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