looking for invite to preview program. will help invite others

#1dmckilla77Posted 8/2/2014 5:47:29 PM
I'm looking for an invite to the Xbox one preview program to get access to ea access. I also would like to help out on inviting others as well. But I havnt had much luck in the past few days if anyone could help me out to help the community get invited that would be awsome.

My GT is Dmckilla777

Thank you.
#2dmckilla77(Topic Creator)Posted 8/3/2014 6:36:26 AM

If anyone can help me out for the greater good of the community I'm looking to start a topic and invite EVERYONE that asks. It's been impossible for me to get in and I'd like to help everyone I can.
#3zmousePosted 8/3/2014 7:02:04 AM
I sent you one, btw you have to pay for ea acces it's not a free trial or anything.
#4teddy241Posted 8/3/2014 1:45:28 PM
#5DaNtE225Posted 8/3/2014 1:54:55 PM
If I am able to get in on this I would appreciate it thanks

GT: DanteJ
#6dmckilla77(Topic Creator)Posted 8/3/2014 2:04:36 PM
Yeah I know but it's a fairly good deal for the price. As soon as I get my invite I'll start inviting people on a daily bases. But I've heard it takes some time.
#7kennyynnooPosted 8/3/2014 2:10:47 PM
It can take a week to get the message to be in the beta fyi. I asked the other day, u must also be friends with them. I'm still waiting after a few days.
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#8zmousePosted 8/3/2014 7:11:42 PM(edited)
teddy241 posted...

DaNtE225 posted...
If I am able to get in on this I would appreciate it thanks

Invited both of you.
#9Kerry209Posted 8/3/2014 7:55:01 PM
If you can I would appreciate a invite too.
My gt is KERRY707
Thank you
#10TazMan2313Posted 8/3/2014 11:38:56 PM
I've been trying to get in on this for a while. It's frustrating because I've been a live member since day 1. Any invites thrown my way is appreciated.
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