looking for invite to preview program. will help invite others

#11nikk699Posted 8/4/2014 4:40:05 AM
Invite please gt: nikk699. Will help others get in.
#12DaNtE225Posted 8/4/2014 5:45:34 AM
zmouse posted...
teddy241 posted...

DaNtE225 posted...
If I am able to get in on this I would appreciate it thanks

Invited both of you.

Thank you
#13AbstraktProfSC2Posted 8/4/2014 5:57:10 AM
id like one too. Abstrakt1 is my GT
thanks in advance!
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#14dmckilla77(Topic Creator)Posted 8/4/2014 9:41:22 AM
I've heard it can take up to a week and hopefully as soon as get in I'll make a topic to invite people, because it's been hard for me to try and get an invite and I have spare time on my hand I'll be inviting as many people as I can a day so if you havnt been invited yet just look for a topic on the board from me and I'll try and get you added asap.
#15xxnogamerxxPosted 8/4/2014 9:46:24 AM
Ea access is supposed to be released today or tomorrow.
#16xCPT_AMERICAxPosted 8/4/2014 1:06:28 PM
I would like an invite as well. Or just new people to play with.
#17conzocottonPosted 8/4/2014 2:14:07 PM
I don't suppose you could invite me at all? connorlawd2k9 is my gamertag if you do.
#18XLegendKillerXPosted 8/4/2014 2:23:17 PM
looking for one too
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#19hollowed92Posted 8/4/2014 4:40:47 PM
Can you please send me one id be so grateful!!!
GT: Paradoxul
#20SHADOW0106Posted 8/4/2014 4:42:21 PM
My gamer tag is My Lord Shadow
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