To end this: if it wasn't for Halo do you think there would be Destiny?

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  3. To end this: if it wasn't for Halo do you think there would be Destiny?
10 months ago#21
dueric posted...
bloodlover4ever posted...
Well you might not agree with me on this but I liked Halo 3 MP more than anything else and I felt Reach destroyed the beauty of Halo MP IMO with all these abilities! I will play Halo 3 again when it comes to XboxOne.
The other thing which I really miss is the split screen, I had unlimited fun with brothers while playing as a team together through Halo MP.

That's my complaint with Reach MP. Going from 3 MP to Reach was like going from Gears 3 to Judgement. Just two total letdowns that you still can't believe were made by the same people.

Thanks man finally someone agrees with me on this:)
As for the split screen I wish more game bring back this feature I missed it in Destiny, it seems only Halo and CoD are keeping this feature, Halo has an advantage though with 4 split screen online...
And there was Ghost Recon but I guess they killed it in the last installment:(
10 months ago#22
SpikeTheSpaceCowboy posted...
ghoase posted...
Well if there was no bungie there would be no halo or destiny right?

Destiny is a bungie made game not a halo made game.

Actually, Destiny is a Halo made game, literally made using the Halo Reach engine, and damn near every asset used in Halo Reach. The AI, Animations, Guns, Movement, Abilities, Vehicles, etc, are all rip offs from Bungies previous work.

See you would be right if. ..... Halo made games

But since bungie does... It's a bungie made game so...

That's why halo and Destiny feels like bungie made it. Because they did.

Rock star makes saints row and gta.. get the picture?
10 months ago#23
SpikeTheSpaceCowboy posted...
I still say that Destiny is just a continuation of what Bungie did with Halo Reach. Same graphics engine, same AI, similar art direction, same guns, and armor abilities are present in Destiny. They basically stripped the Halo out of Halo Reach and added in some generic enemies and story and a little COD gameplay mechanics (mainly ADS.)

Couldn't say it better my self.
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  3. To end this: if it wasn't for Halo do you think there would be Destiny?

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