Sunset overdrive just looks...

#1papoose187Posted 8/3/2014 6:08:58 PM



And all around not fun all all

It's like ppl are hyping fallout 4 lol

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#2phineasfoolPosted 8/3/2014 6:10:12 PM
I think it looks goofy, over the top and just plain fun.
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#3Reichmaster01Posted 8/3/2014 6:10:55 PM
I'm going to pass on it. Looks like it is aimed at teenagers.
#4TheGam3925Posted 8/3/2014 6:12:17 PM
It does look very juvenile.
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#5MrImpatient35Posted 8/3/2014 6:14:24 PM
phineasfool posted...
I think it looks goofy, over the top and just plain fun.

It's look cooky and zany, much like what made me fall in love with the Ratchet and Clank series. Imsomniac is behind it, so the weapons will be just as crazy. Sounds like you only enjoy those super realistic, dark and gritty games. To each his own, but I know I'll enjoy it.
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#6carljenkPosted 8/3/2014 6:14:28 PM
I see a complete lack of monster diversity.
#7Abiz_Posted 8/3/2014 6:15:29 PM
Know what was juvenile? Zombie ate my neighbors and know what? It was awesome for it. Nothing wrong with a lot of goofiness if done right.
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#8blitz_0623Posted 8/3/2014 6:15:30 PM
I think it looks great
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#9puffnbillys420Posted 8/3/2014 6:16:02 PM
Yeh im not really sold on it does look like something I would of liked in my early high school years but that was a long time ago
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#10UltimateGeth39Posted 8/3/2014 6:16:31 PM
K thanks for sharing.
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