Anyone else tired of the Indie art style that use 8-bit?(Like Shovel Knight)

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I'm not tired of it.. but I agree that we should be seeing more types of art styles when it comes to indie games. Also TC, Valiant Hearts and Rayman Legends are from Ubisoft.. that's not an indie studio. I'm more tired of people not knowing what indie games are xD

I know. I mean more games like those from indie developers
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Shovel Knight perfectly re-created the NES-era graphical limitations.

And seriously (like you'd expect out of Xbox fans), some people really unnecessarily bash and expect way too much from indies made my incredibly small development teams. Even with the PS4 getting much more indie support, that's at least a ton more unique, innovative games. There's no reason to just mindlessly hate on indies.

First off, not all Xbox fans are like that you tool. I'm actually glad there are 8-bit graphic style games. It's pretty neat and nostalgic.

I don't think that all Xbox fans are like that. Maybe I should've just said fanboys like I was expecting, but then everyone would get all up in arms about it.

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Seems like your post has the more mindless thought of instantly showing a bias.

This is based on how much I've heard from Xbox fanboys idiotically calling the PS4 an "indie console" or any phrase like that. It really sounds like so many Xbox fanboys want to use the fact that the PS4 is getting more indie games as a reason to bash the console, when that doesn't even make sense at all.

I don't think you really want to go this route. You know how collectively angry the PS4 fanbase of multi-millions would be if we based them off.....YOU.
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.
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Very much so.
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