no offense, but what do you feel when people call this xbone?

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2 years ago#121
It's a rightly earned nickname, so whatevs. Xbot is dumb though.
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2 years ago#122
Xbone just seems more convenient to I like going to the bone-zone
2 years ago#123
i dont care, although xbox one sounds alot better, people only call it the xbone because they are too lazy to type out an extra 3 or 4 characters. as for xbots, i think it actually sounds pretty cool.
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2 years ago#124
sexbox one by micro&soft : always on, connected,and watching.Doesn't do 180.voice coms: sexbox turn on, sexbox watch AV, sexbox my home.Yes, i'm a sexboner.
2 years ago#125
I laugh, but I'm not a fan of the Xbox, so I'm biased.

Still though, it's a word for an inanimate object and some people act like their family was insulted.
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2 years ago#126
MasteroftheArts posted...
What do I think? I think they're being petulant children.

This. It's immature and was never funny. I call it X1.
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2 years ago#127
I call my Xbox One an Xbone all the time, I have never been called an Xbot though but probably cause I owned a PS3, 2 and 1 before this.
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2 years ago#128
whats the name of the next xbox though? xbox two?
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2 years ago#129
It hurts my feelings and makes me cry
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2 years ago#130
Totally fitting in so many ways.

If XB360 was fine and dandy, XBONE is as well.

Ah...logic. It escapes so many posters on this site.

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  3. no offense, but what do you feel when people call this xbone?

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