If XB1 had free online people would buy it over PS4!

#21Reece504Posted 8/4/2014 10:17:23 AM
KMacz31 posted...
But if MS doesn't change the free online policy, they won't have any advantage over the PS4 console. I think this is something drastic they need to do.

They already have some advantages like exclusives. Kinect voice commands work better than ps4 camera does. Snapping apps and some of there apps are better. The Xbox ID program. Every console being a dev kit, and last but not lease EA access :D. Only thing they need is maybe a price drop but I would wait until holiday to do it end of the year.
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#22KMacz31Posted 8/4/2014 10:18:33 AM
This is making me feel that PC gaming is the way to go. Free MP, mods, better sales, better graphics, better backwards compatibility. Sure the asking price is higher in the beginning, but you don't necessarily need the highest end graphics, but you get to keep and own your games, instead of these monthly rentals with PS4, Xbone. I like to own my games.
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TC, if money is an issue, buy a WiiU. It is cheaper and has free online.
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iamdanthaman posted...
TC, if money is an issue, buy a WiiU. It is cheaper and has free online.

I am for bayonetta 2 anyway but maybe it'll become my main or i'll get a new pc
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Reece504 posted...

Yea I told him suck it up although I still have my ps3 lol but I have a x1 and plan on getting a ps4 next year he hasn't picked up any next gen console yet but he pays for Xbox live on his 360 I guess he don't want to pay for two online services who knows.

Tell him Xb1 and 360 are covered by the same sub
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