What's the worst game you've ever played?

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Oh what's the matter can't take the truth about the worst most over milked franchise in history?

I think Mario would like to have a word with you about overmilked franchises.

Granted I've never played AC as it doesn't seem to interest me, but you're just a sad, angry child. Even if you're trolling, it's nowhere near funny and nobody cares about your review.

Trolling doesn't work when you try as hard as you are doing. Nobody likes a tryhard.

Woah woah. Nintendo may use the Mario franchise alot, but they are far from milking it. The only milked mario series is New Super Mario.
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Star Voyager on NES
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Kingdom of Fire, Circle of Doom. I used it as target practice literally.
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Ac1 was very repetitive yes, but it was far from being as bad as ET. It was revolutionary in that it invented the building scaling system. And the hidden blade. As I said, a very repetitious game, and ac2 was worlds better, but it's still one of my favorite series and no game can top ET. In fact I can think of many many worse games than ac1. The only thing ac1 got wrong was all the same bs side missions you had to do. The actual Templar assassination missions were awesome, and you can't beat AC story.

My review of AC1 that I have on metacritic

And just like the other 12 times you've posted this joke. It is a garbage review by someone that should never critique any form of media.

Yes he's a troll. The "review" was horrendous. The game might have been repetitive but is far from the worst game ever. The series is some of the best out there. He needs to deal with it.
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Fable 3
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The most broken games I have played are Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing and Ultimate Civil War Battles: Robert E. Lee vs. Ulysses S. Grant (both games are made by the same company, Stellar Stone).

Action 52 and Ninjabread Man are the least fun games I have played.

Also, Ride to Hell: Retribution is not nearly is bad as people make it out to be. It is a very bad game, but I have played FAR worse.
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Final Fantasy 13 hands down with cream on top!!!!

I feel like most people who say this were either expecting way too much or they haven't played enough bad games.

Lol!! Expecting way too much!! It's FREAKING FINAL FANTASY not some cliche jrpg were talking about here! At the very very least we were expecting some nice towns to explore!!! NOT A FREAKING ENDLESS CORRIDOR!!! damn...
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Two worlds.

Holy **** did that game suck or what?

I went back and forth with that game. I started it and said this game sucks. Played a bit more -- it was alright. Then it got really good. After I beat it (lame ending), I realized the game sucked really bad.

So in the end, it sucked.

As for my worst game played... I'll just go with Castle Quest on the NES for now.

Lame ending lol, best ending ever but dumb people dont understand it. There is even an articuel on kotaku about it, I recommend you to read it.

That ending remembered me something the cohen brothers would do on a movie.
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G.I.Joe The Rise of Cobra was pretty awful.

I also hated GTAV and Halo 4. *shivers*

G.I.Joe definitely takes the cake for my least favorite game.
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The last of us pretty much

Don't be a fanboy -_-
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