Titanfall Hits 2 Million Sold on Xbox One, 3 Million Combined

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That's it? Killzone sold more than that in less time and with less systems sold when the game sold 2.2 million, irc, PS4 was around 4 million sold when that happened, 4 months after launch.

Bet they wish they woulda sold one less copy.

Yeah I'm sure they care about some loser whose claim will be dismissed .

I thought the same until I actually read what the suit entailed.

He's suing because the multiplayer isn't 1080p. However, not only does the box say 1080p on it, it also doesn't stipulate that multiplayer is not.

So in all likelihood, he will get something out of it. More than most people got out of Killzone anyway.
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More like Titanfail :/ what a flop ;) smh

(Am I doing it right?)

Perfectly! 10/10 would read again!

lol that made me laugh. I was expecting to read something like that.
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I think MetroidFan9999 is officially broken. Somebody drag this guy out of here.

Yeah sure, like I am really broken by illogical arguments...

Fact of the matter is that it's completely asinine to take the word of this article and deny it includes X1/TF bundles. Yet that is what you clowns are doing, fanboyism must know no bounds.
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