Have you ever bought the same game multiple times?

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User Info: DarthUchiha91

2 years ago#21
RE games 1-3, the MGS 2&3, TR reboot and KOTOR are the only games I bought twice.

RE because I wanted to play them on my vita/ds.

MGS for the same reason, except on the 360.

TR because I upgraded to the DE version.

KOTOR, because my dog stepped on the disc lol.
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User Info: ShowStoppa24

2 years ago#22
I bought RS3 for Xbox three times. I kept telling myself I was done with it and friends kept convincing me to pick it back up.
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User Info: Geist

2 years ago#23
Yes constantly. Started in the Atari age, so I see all my old games get released, remade, and updated all the time! Haha, I'm way too old....
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User Info: ILikesCheese

2 years ago#24
Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy X/X2, Fatal Frame 1, 2, and 3, SMB3, and about a couple dozen old coin ops in collection after collection, including a few in the too quickly abandoned Game Room.
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User Info: Blade Seeker

Blade Seeker
2 years ago#25
Tomb Raider - 360, PS4, One
Ghosts - One, 360 (It's a good thing I LOVE extinction. Can't stand MP anymore.)
And various games I played, traded in and realized I wanted to play again. I stopped trading games.

User Info: xXxMattYoungxXx

2 years ago#26
I already owned COD: Ghosts on PS4, but when the Xbox One version went on sale a few weeks back for $6.99, I couldn't resist.
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User Info: spacejamjordanz

2 years ago#27
I have bought Street Fighter games multiple times.
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User Info: mikev522

2 years ago#28
I bought halo 3 6 times. I also bought Far Cry 3 twice.

User Info: dominicakadc

2 years ago#29
Definitely. I think I bought Spider-man 2 a couple times because I switched from ps2 to xbox and back.

User Info: vashkey

2 years ago#30
Well, I'd never buy Assassin's Creed IV again, but I have purchased a game's rerelease for some of it's benefits. My favorite game ever is MGS3. I bought the original Snake Eater, I purchased Subsistence for the new camera, content and multiplayer and I bought the HD rerelease for the HD and widescreen. Totally worth it every time, I loved that game and I valued each releases additions.
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