Have you ever bought the same game multiple times?

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10 months ago#51
Borderlands 2 360 Borderlands 2 GOTY PS3
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10 months ago#52
FFXIII 1, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.
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10 months ago#53
Yes gta 5 on xbox 360 then bought it again on ps3 after my 360 crashed
10 months ago#54
I've done it many many times unfortunately.
10 months ago#55
MGS3 3 times. The original. The online version. And the one bundled with MGS2.
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10 months ago#56
Dark Souls 2 on PS3 and 360
VF5FS on PS3 and 360
Skyrim on 360 and PC
Every version of the 3D Ninja Gaiden games
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10 months ago#58
Tekken 2. Bought thaf game at least 3 times in the past.
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10 months ago#59
There have been a couple I regretted down the line and bought again. Then the newest tomb raider, own it on 360 and like it so much I bought it for the One also.
Also ocarina of time, my favorite game, I pretty much bought any time it released on a system.
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10 months ago#60
Yes, I have 3 boys. We have 3 PS4's and my youngest son has an X1, so when games like BF and COD, I have to buy 4 copies, so we can all play together. If it is say AC, I buy 2 copies, 1 for us PS4 guys and 1 for little Zacky.

Usually I just preorder and pay it off in one shot, so it doesn't sit there having to pay a little here and there. It is nice for folks that don't have the income to do so. They can preorder at GameStop 6 months out or more and pay here and there.
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