The Rumors Are Spreading, XBROS! Is XBOX ONE getting another price cut?!

#11ht02135Posted 8/5/2014 5:35:42 AM
Solnot posted...

New generation consoles are expensive. I got one from FNB to make it hurt just a little bit less, but thanks to the two year repayment scheme, it looks like Iíll have to wait a while longer before I can get Microsoftís new console. However, it might just be getting a bit easier to buy it in cash.

Over on NeoGAF, the following image has appeared showing a new price of Ä349.99.

Considering the #xboxgamescom perhaps this is part of the big announcement that theyíre teasing? Slashing another Ä50 off the price would certainly make the console even more appealing in the new launch countries. Perhaps this will boost the flagging sales and help Xbox One gain more retail success. It has been struggling compared to the PS4, although itís not as if the number of consoles bought is bad Ė it just isnít as impressive as the PS4's.

Is price the main issue keeping Xbros from grabbing the Xbox One? Will bringing the price down to that level make people finally choose it over the PS4? Can we really still say itís all about the games, or is it also all about the price and offering?

Iím already rather impressed with the price point for the Xbox One when it comes here next month. R6299.99 isnít too bad for a new console, itís actually a very good price if you factor in the free digital games that are bundled. However, if we see a price cut overseas, we might see the price coming down below R6k. If that happens, I might just have to pick one up.

it is about time, since drop kinect is not really price cut. also why would anyone pay same price as ps4, when X1 is weaker machine. X1 need to cut alot, because ps4 probably will also do a price cut.
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Maybe it will sell a lot better after a price cut
Reviews? Polls? Sales? Resolution? FPS? Nothing matters now except for what the competition does not have.