Im trading in my P4 and Wii U at EB games today for a ONE...

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Do you always brag about terrible decisions in the hopes for reassurance from other people making similarly terrible decisions, TC?

Just curious.
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I said in an earlier post, I didn't have time for 3 systems. I chose to go with Xbox One and I'm very satisfied with my decision, thx for all the opinions though.

I'm curretnly enjoying Forza and Titanfall, and those games are more fun than anything I've played on the P4 or Wii U!

How is time a factor?

Does that really need explained?

Yes. Regardless how many systems I own at any given time the amount of time I spend gaming doesn't change.
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There is no universal economy. Well, there is, but it is arbitrary. If the TC values the X1, and not the PS4/Wii U, it is a good decision to trade the latter for the former. Some straight line money argument doesn't mean anything.
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Yes folks, the time has come to jump ship...Forza here I come!

What kinda trade will they gimme on both systems towards a ONE plus a few games?

Lol, you crazy, trading in the best console for the crappiest console on the market.