dont buy xbone now, wait for xbone mmc bundle for $299

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ht02135 posted...
what i said is rumor out their. price drop in europe and usa. usa potential drop to $329. but if microsoft wants to win and do the right thing. drop to $299-329 with mcc bundle.

That article was misleading. The price was going from 399 Euro to 349 Euro, which may be about $70, but it's still only a 12.5% drop, which would be to $349 (at best).

Also, there are no indications that the price drop would also come to the US. Furthermore, officially decreasing the price AND adding the MCC would just be a sign of desperation. There will likely be a $399 bundle with the MCC in November, but thinking that it may be $299 is just wishful thinking.
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Damn it. I already got mine nine months ago. How do I ask for a massive refund on money, experience and fun? What's the hypothetical reimbursement program for part-exchanging towards this hypothetical, relatively unfeasible bundle?

I heard if you didn't buy one a Sony troll would take care of u.

With a reach around?


If I say that or more it gets moderated....however you believe.
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Is it a rule that trolls have to be borderline incoherent?

lol u mikrosuf trole I get xbone bonx wen it cost $5 and thay give u all gemz

...or something to that effect

That's pretty spot on.
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I can't believe it took this long to find the man with the plan...

Thanks for finally coming forward, TC!
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