The only circumstances I legitimately advocate remakes...

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SigmaLongshot posted...
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I'm 100% for remakes with games and movies. I love them. If I don't want it I don't buy it.

I really don't see any negative to making remakes of popular games.

Side note: I don't understand the hate that remade movies get. It's not like the original disappears when the remake comes out.

Clearly I'm not completely against them, personally, but can you see my reasons for being against them in certain circumstances?

I have to have that feeling of "this is a new adventure!" when I set out in a game. Playing a game through multiple times, where you get that "Oh, this is the bit where X happens" feeling, that numbs it for me, and it starts feeling like I imagine it feels to play a game with a PRIMA walkthrough open beside you.

Yeah I understand. My statement was more on people that just hate the fact remakes exist. If I don't feel like playing a remaster is going to magical, then I won't get it.

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LooksLikeRain posted...

Side note: I don't understand the hate that remade movies get. It's not like the original disappears when the remake comes out.

People view the original movies as classics and don't want them to be "tarnished" by the new movies. A lot of young people might not have seen the original, so this remake is their first, and possibly only, experience of the film.

I don't mind remade movies, but they very rarely add anything. I can't stand the remakes of foreign films though... Just read the subtitles!!

Good point about a new generation seeing only the original. However, I think if they haven't seen the original, and just saw the remake and liked it, it might inspire them to research and find the original. If the remake didn't exist, they might never discover the original at all.

Personally, I never cared about them adding to the remake. If the remake is lame, I can still watch the original.

Not all foreign movie remakes are bad. Let Me In was a good remake of Let the Right One In.
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How about the Monkey Island remakes? They were spectacular!
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Focian posted...
How about the Monkey Island remakes? They were spectacular!

I agree here, but only because I think it's been close to two decades since I played them. I love how much you think it's just as you remember it, then you switch between "classic" and "remastered" modes and realise how different the games truly are!

I understand why remakes are there, but sometimes they're wholly relevant, and in other times it's difficult to justify them.
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An eighth generation Battlefield 1942, or Battlefield Vietnam remake with 64 player Conquest support would be nice. I would find both of these remakes acceptable because they were PC only, and it is more than ten years ago. The last four Battlefield games were modern, and the next one is modern. These remakes would be new.
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LEGEND_725 posted...
Collections like MCC should be the norm.

One game cash grabs of year old games like The last of us need to die

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I usually prefer it when it is a collection of games rather than just one game. If it is going to be just one game than the price needs to be lower. I did get the Tomb Raider one, but not until I was able to get it for $30.
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I don't mind paying for remakes and remasters of games I liked or didn't play, but wanted to. I even bought a remake of a series I DIDNT like and enjoyed it( tomb raider anniversary. Even enjoyed the reboot).

That being said, even I have my limits. I bought the ps2 and 360 version of RE4, which I still have. That's the last time I'm buying RE4.
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Personally, I think remakes harm the original work for a quick cash in.

I never support them.
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