Xbox One Bundle Deals ( Desperate? ) PS4 Bundle Deals ( Deals For Gamers?)

#21Tajaz2426Posted 8/5/2014 1:30:36 PM
Neither company gives a rat's behind about gamers. We all know this, they do things that their PR and marketing team come up with.

When you are behind in sales, you have to Chang your path, it's business. Microsoft has to make it look like they are helping the buyer, with the "we have a free game with a bundle"!

In reality it is they will lose money, but have more systems to buy games and an attach rare for their games and accessories.

Sony, is ahead so they do not have to give a deal. Just like Microsoft they do what they feel they can do. It a crap thing and Sony can kiss my ass.

Again, it is about money. They do not know you, nor care for you.
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#22ejay8320Posted 8/5/2014 1:46:02 PM
If consumers are buying your product there's no need for aggressive deals or pricing, simple as that. All this shows is MS isn't where they want to be in the market share, so they are being aggressive with their bundling - good for us consumers but generally not a good thing for the company, which usually means shareholders aren't pleased.

Is MS being desperate No, but they definitely need to be aggressive with bundles/pricing if they want a better market share & stay competitive.