Xbox one 3D update?

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User Info: Maverickneo

2 years ago#1
Has anyone gotten this update yet? When is it supposed to roll around? I still cant see any 3D blu rays. doesnt work yet.

User Info: eegore8a

2 years ago#2
Those in the preview program have this update already. The people that are not in the program will have to wait for regular release sometime this month

User Info: daledo6

2 years ago#3
I had my Blu ray app update last week and 3D blus work for me and I'm not in the beta preview.
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User Info: SigmaLongshot

2 years ago#4
Aw, that's good to know. I have a 3D BluRay player and I wanted to sell it (takes up an HDMI port), but now I've noticed CEX will buy it off me for... ten quid.

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