Assassin's Creed Unity Can Support Crowds of 30,000, Will Have More Customizatio

#11crynryanPosted 8/6/2014 6:48:53 PM
Hopefully the 30,000 number isn't just some random huge number they chose since there's no way in hell anybody'd be able to count that high while keeping track of which ones they've already counted. If they do actually go that high, hopefully it doesn't do what Dead Rising 3 does where the characters farther off the in the distance don't update as much (characters close to you look like they're moving normally, where characters farther away look like they're dropping frames).

Also hopefully it's not just them spouting out stuff they won't be able to back up, like they did with AC3 and the giant whole field wars they promised us. Instead we got billboarded enemies you couldn't go anywhere near, and a really linear section.
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