Remastered games.

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User Info: axelfooley2k5

2 years ago#11
if they do a skyrim i hope they combine oblivion and morrowind

User Info: aheroafake

2 years ago#12
BigLongDowner posted...
aheroafake posted...
BigLongDowner posted...
ComradeRyan posted...
Resident Evil 4 needs to be remastered for the Xbox One, and PS4!

I'd prefer Outbreak.

Never played it but always wanted to.

It was a great game but ahead of its time with the online. I think it'd be a huge hit if they released it now.

Well hopefully Capcom is at least thinking about it.
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User Info: Grey_Fox4

2 years ago#13
BeefEaster posted...
people must have selective memories

these enhanced ports release every generation

it's not a new thing at all

It's a little different this time. In the past it was a collection of multiple games (e.g MGS HD), the upgrade was pretty significant and you didn't pay full price. They also didn't come this early in the Console life cycle. I played a ton of great stuff between retiring my original MGS games and picking up the HD Collection.

Now they are just releasing stuff they originally released less than a year ago. Like GTA V and The Last of Us. I still have my PS3 and 360 set up.
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