EA promises not to remove games from EA Access' free games vault

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I thought XBL Gold was suppose to include the all inclusive premium xbox experience. Not anymore, this seems like a long slippery slope, soon all of the big publishers will have some ridiculous extra monthly fee. Thanks EA... It's a shame that people will actually buy into this.

dont thank EA. thank greedy microsoft for letting this happen

Thank sony for turning them down thus getting picked up by Microsoft.
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So they'll be liars on top of evil when they do it

yup. they'll change the ToS, then force you to agree, then start pulling games. it's the EA we all know and love!
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They're not 'free' games, you pay for them.

No you pay

Thats great an all but which bit are you trying to argue against?

The fact that you still pay money for it to be free, or the fact that you pay money for it to be, er, free?

Its a tough one I know.. (clues in the paying money part makes nothing 'free')

..no problem. Glad we cleared that up.