Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 1080p on PS4 but not Xbox One

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I can't wait till next gen when players are complaining that their games aren't in 4k resolution. The gaming industry is going to go down the toilet if people only care about resolution and not gameplay, multiplayer or story.

I agree and honestly it already has gone down because of this. People don't care about anything other then graphics now. I bet it is same people who judge everything by the cover.

Not true. And that's the exact point I was just trying to make, concerning The Last of Us. The reason everyone is so up Naughty Dog's butt about that game isn't about graphics in the least. It's because of STORY. The story, dialogue, characters, and overall cinematic quality of the game is why everyone loves it. Sure, it's pretty, but not award-winning pretty. Fact is... gamers, even Sony gamers, do care about a great many things other than graphics. And arguably the most talked-about game of the last few years is demonstrative of that fact.

Okay, enough with my serious stuff. Let's get back to jokes and bashing each other needlessly lol ;)

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