Xbox One cost Microsoft losses up to 400 million dollars.

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juzten76, for someone who tries to come off as partial, you sure are a tool.
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Pocket change dog.

Technically, Bill Gates himself could lose that out of his personal stash an not exactly feel it.

He has 73 billion dollars.

$400M is 0.5% of that.

Let's say you have $10k in you bank account, that percentage is equivalent to $50.

What does Bill Gates have to do with Microsoft? Where you been? lol
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It's not losses but less profits btw.
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Sony was able to acquire cash from selling property in Tokyo, as well as the 9.5 million shares that the company held in video game company Square Enix.

Sony's sale of several properties for a total price of $226 million led to a $144 million contribution to the company's operating income. The sale of the shares in Square Enix, on the other hand, garnered $149 million in cash and a profit of $47 million.

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bill gates may be retired but is still on the board of directors
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juzten76, for someone who tries to come off as partial, you sure are a tool.

Sorry for shutting down the trolls and fanboys with facts. Is "tool" the new word of the week for the kids to use as an insult?
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