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foundryGod posted...
Sorry, I didn't intend to stir all that up. I'm just not a tech guy. I didn't know there was that big of a difference between 2 similar displays. All I was I getting at was that if I sit closer to my big TV the picture quality looks greatly improved. And yes, I know some people have their towers hooked up to their TV, but I was referring to the the ones that are on smaller monitors at a closer distance. I wasn't trying to bash PC games, just compare the difference.

I understood what you were saying. We're in the minority.
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foundryGod posted...
All I was I getting at was that if I sit closer to my big TV the picture quality looks greatly improved

That's actually the opposite. The closer you get, the worse it looks, because you'll be able to discern the individual pixels since they're larger. This causes the whole image to look worse.

That's why I go for smaller 1080p screens. Higher pixel density is incredibly important.
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They're all fairly equal these days. It doesn't matter if you're playing on a console or PC, you're still getting great lighting effects, framerate, immersive atmosphere, and a great experience all around. We are at the point where games look great no matter what you play them on. It's a hard pill for the die hard PC elitists to swallow because they spent so much money to add a few pixels.

ha. PC Games look much much better then anything on ps4 or xbone. Crysis 3 already looks better on PC then anything will ever look on current gen consoles. PC has been doing 1080p graphics since 2006, current gen console are hardly able to push 1080P. While games on PC are being pushed at 4K and 8K resolutions
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Lol, this topic ;)