So X1 only has 1 game is exclusive to only the X1 now.

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2 years ago#231
A lot of MS fans got real mature this gen and are willing to let bygones be bygones and put an end to the console wars. They keep waving white flags but the trolls are colour blind except when that white PS4 destiny bunde spurs more troll topics.
Friendly advice taken.
Sapphic ladies -
2 years ago#232
All i can say at this point is $21 billion. Consumers wanted next gen, so they had to build it themselves, lol.
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2 years ago#233
Friendly advice taken.
Sapphic ladies -
2 years ago#234
Foreign Objects posted...
Exclusivity only matters between consoles, PC doesn't count.

When a PS4 owner can easily get access to a PC? Your logic just fall to the bottom of the ocean.
2 years ago#235
I was thinking about possibly buying an X1 for Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall.

But since I own Titanfall for PC, and plan to pick up Ryse and DR3 for PC... Well, there isn't much reason for me to now. I'm not spending $500 to play Forza...
This is a PSX: |||| It's not a PS1!!!!!!!!
2 years ago#236
rEaPeR_2k4 posted...
Crimson Dragon
Kinect Fighter Within
Kinect Sports Rivals
Forza Motorsport 5
Xbox Fitness
Killer Instinct
Powerstar Golf

D4: Dark Dreams Dont Die
Phantom Dust
Kinect Shape Up
Fable Legends
Forza Horizon 2
Halo 5: Guardians
Quantum Break (sure to hit PC later on, though)
Sunset Overdrive
Dance Central: Spotlight
Untitled Gears of War Project by Blacktusk

This doesn't even count Dead Rising, Ryse, and TitanFall which are still considered Microsoft exclusives. Don't be mad because MS operates on two platforms when sony can't even keep their PC division afloat. OAN all sony laptops and PCs run Windows. MS win....


Is this what fanboys have fallen back onto?
This is a PSX: |||| It's not a PS1!!!!!!!!
2 years ago#237
lol you can tell I've been out of gaming for a while and biking through these summer months in the great outdoors (you nerds should try it), because I completely missed that Ryse was going to PC.

Definitely will try that out for 3 in the Steam sale.
2 years ago#238
Sony Ponies are mad they got no games!!
2 years ago#239
DeadLock25 posted...
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
3headed posted...
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
3headed posted...
a pc is not a console.

however, if the pc is running windows- then microsoft still wins :)

See how that works?

Care to explain how MS wins if it's running Windows? Microsoft only makes money off of software they sell or develop, they don't make a cent off other people's software

also, Windows is free to college students and other people (good to know these "other people lol)", see how that works? =)

... u r dumb bro lol

Operating System =/= Software

Yeah, everybody knows that the OS is part of the hardware...

If you are going to try to stealth troll, at least try to sound intelligent and make statements that dont kill your credibility.

ms is a software company that licenses their operating system to hardware companies that put together computers.

xbox is a subdivision of MS.

if the game is no longer an exclusive because it's now available (going to be available) for PC- then this does not really count against MS because the game is just readily available on 2 MS platforms- XB1 and Windows.

Everyone playing the game (which only runs on Windows and not Mac) has therefore already paid their share to MS just by having the OS.

Hence, if the game is now available to PC and XB1, MS is still the winner even if the game is no longer an XB1 exclusive.

I said you were dumb earlier because you basically answered your question within your statement:

-How is MS winning if they only get paid for software they have licensed/worked on?
-The game runs on Windows.

So... while they don't get the profits from the game, the simple fact that the game is running on MS OS means that MS has gotten paid in some function throughout the transaction.

(sorry for breaking the TOU btw)
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